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Life Science Ventures, Inc., (LSV) is a management company headquartered in Indianapolis. We are focused on building innovative business models and strategic partnerships that drive profitable growth and performance improvements. LSV designs and implements an array of business models across multiple platforms and industries. At the core, LSV leverages years of industry expertise, relationships, proprietary methodologies & technologies that will help our clients obtain actionable insights, exchange mission-critical information, control costs, optimize revenue opportunities, increase cash flow, and managing risk.Life Science Ventures maintains an extensive partner ecosystem capable of servicing and supporting our business ecosystem. This type of “omni-channel” approach creates tremendous value and piece-of-mind for all stakeholders. By leveraging LSV’s expansive network and industry expertise, our partners can remain laser focused on priorities that matter the most.

Services & solutions

Strategy Development

With a team of highly trained consultants, LSV will work with you to develop a strategy that supports your organization’s mission and revenue goals.

Business Transformation

Lead the disruption. LSV can help transform your organization with fundamental changes designed to thrive in a rapidly changing market.

Revenue Improvement

Our revenue improvement programs are multi-faceted, including, but not limited to revenue cycle management, revenue recovery, and revenue generation.

Private Equity

LSV invests in promising companies with strong management and a unique value proposition.

IQuity Network Alliance

Own the Disruption. The IQuity Network Alliance is a unique business model that gives new meaning to the term “Regenerative Economy”

Cost Containment

We have the expertise to help keep your costs down to only necessary and intended expenses.


Whether your R&D initiatives are clinical or technology, LSV can assist in your strategic R&D procurement and boost your chances of success.


We have the ability to help you improve your business performance through strategic planning, development of operating models, procurement, and other tech services.

Business Development

LSV has the skill set, willingness and resources to help client’s market a single product, multiple service-lines, or your entire organization.



LSV works with a wide variety of healthcare organizations, including Hospitals, Physicians, Associations, and other facilites.


LSV works with life science industry to help commercialize innovation through our global industry partnerships.


LSV provides strategic and regulatory consulting services for organizations operating in legalized cannabis and industrial hemp.


LSV consults with employers large and small to manage risk, contain costs, and improve revenue.


LSV works with Insurers, Captives. TPA's, Agencies and Brokers to develop and execute strategies that improve client retention.


LSV consults with technology companies offering IT strategy and alignment to data analytics, and everything in between.

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