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investment consulting

While healthcare and insurance are about serving and protecting consumers and providing innovative solutions and products, it is also a business.  Life Science Ventures and the affiliates we work with have the demonstrated ability to provide valuable investment consulting within both of these highly regulated industries. With years of experience within the healthcare and risk management industry, we have a broad understanding of the financial landscape. Our experience and expertise enable us to provide insight and guidance.

For investors considering how to maximize return on turn-around or controlled-growth investments, we can help ask the right questions, find constructive answers, and make informed decisions.  This may include identifying investments that could benefit from additional growth opportunities, evaluating specific strategies for growth, or assisting with a previously launched growth opportunity.


We always work on behalf of our clients and with their best interest clearly in view. We are able to advise companies interested in investing in healthcare organizations or practices.  Alternately, we can consult with the companies or providers who are seeking an outside investment. Our range of expertise and versatility of services allow us to provide consultation that is flexible enough to match our clients’ specific needs.


Life Science Ventures has over four decades of experience and expertise in helping build middle market healthcare and insurance companies with proven business models and long-term growth potential. We seek opportunities where we can bring our company-building experience to companies and entrepreneurs that are interested in building solutions that bring change and disruption in growing markets.

At our core we are company builders, not investment managers. We focus on partnering closely with our client’s management teams and we work on creating an execution plan together from the very beginning. In order to execute on these plans, we leverage our affiliated network and provide our clients with dedicated resources focused on new business development, internal operational support, talent acquisition and collaboration from our operating patterns from our affiliated network that leading executives in their respective fields.

Capstone Strategic Holding is a middle-market focused private equity investment firm and is one of our trusted investment partners. For more information about Capstone Strategic Holding please

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